Siesta Scripture Memory Team

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and all the rest.

Springboarding into the new year I wanted to share with you this fabulous Scripture Memory Team Initiative hosted by Beth Moores Living Proof Ministries. I am a day late in posting this because I spent the first day of the year in bed with gastro – blah!

As soon as I mentioned this year long scripture memory ‘challenge’ the O-man jumped on board as well so we are partnering up in this and encouraging accountability. Our first verse is Ephesians 4:29.

:: Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. ::

I found this little pic from She Reads Truth


Looking forward to hearing your verses if you want to share. It’s every two weeks so on the 1st and 15th of every month. Check it out y’all


school holidays :: week two

Week two (and a half) was probably my favorite week (and a half). We headed out every morning to do crafts at the train station. We entertained friends. We went to the beach on the thursday, the most magical winters day where I actually remembered bathers and the girls even got themselves wet. We had figured out spontaneous and it was so lovely being able to flit around and do things without much planning or thought (but naturally still within my routine hehe). A trip to the zoo, a local walk, for some reason we were totally relaxed. This is terribly unusual for me and I got to liking it. I got to liking it so much I dreaded the return of my normal ‘life’.

3007_1 3007_2 3007_5 3007_7 3007_6 3007_4 3007_3I began to dread the return of commitments. Of weekly time pressured tasks. And I’m still struggling to stay afloat now that school and every other sort of routine has begun again.

However God is good, He has providentially sent so many people and so many reminders of His amazing love and grace that I can see Him so much in all the little things these days. I still loose control, I still get disheartened, but I can accept the forgiveness of Christ and rest in His assurances a lot quicker now then I could in times gone by. I love that God wrote “Her worth is far more then rubies”  (Proverbs 31:10) and how much depth and relevance that has to me at the moment.

But right now I am weary. I am tired, slightly under the weather and I need to get some reading done before I rest this tired head. I am planning on dipping into Hebrews tonight along with She Reads Truth (recommended to me by a lovely friend – I can’t go past simple and amazing graphics and web design – it draws me in). Also planning on making a start on the (yet-to-be-released) book  The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, it’s definitely something that speaks to me right now. “I know I’m caught in the rip current of people pleasing when I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.” (I’ll see how it works to try make this a conversation. Normally I just talk to myself. The whole social thing is not my specialty. Here goes:) So … what are you reading? What are you busy with and are you recognizing your worth in Christ, your worth that’s far more then rubies?

Wishing you all, wherever you are, a relaxing and God honoring evening.


EDITED: Ok, so now that I’ve gone and had a shower and had time to ponder and reflect I’ve realised that the quote I chose from The Best Yes (“I know I’m caught in the rip current of people pleasing when I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.”) website actually does not reflect how I currently feel at all. My problem at the moment is not that I dread saying yes, but that I want to say yes to everything and I have a hard time making wise and good decisions about what to say no to. It’s actually that there is so much going on, good stuff, to be involved in, that I feel decisions aren’t clear cut, its not an obvious yes/no choice, or a I’d like to/wouldn’t like to choice or a bad vs good choice. Most of them are good vs good or good vs better. Which is why I find it so hard to make wise decisions, because I actually want to do it all. Anyhow, I haven’t actually started the book yet so I guess now is a good time to get started and see what it says.

school holidays :: week one


We are officially halfway through the school year. And halfway through the mid year holidays. We’ve had a blast in the first week. We got to the library, got haircuts, discovered sami in a library book, made loom bands, made ironing bead thingys, wrote letters (kind of), and despite being the middle of winter here we spent a fair bit of time at the beach.

The power went out at our house on the first day – a stormy monday. So we packed some popcorn, jumped in the car and headed to the beach to watch the storm roll in. At some point the girls thought it would be a great idea to jump out of the car and brave the weather.

We spent a few more sunny days at the beach and in-between we did some recycling-bin crafting and made some little cardboard cities. In the week before the holidays began I had a long list of ‘to do’s’ for the holiday break. I was trying to narrow down the must dos and the maybes and decided to get an opinion from the girls. After checking the list one settled on ‘painting’ and the other ‘doing a craft at home with mum’, neither of which were on the list to begin with. So I chatted to the O-man and I threw away my well researched winter wonderland plans and decided we would keep it simple. Along with our personal desire to get to the beach much more often, my plans were narrowed down to simply crafting, beaching and catching up with friends. We managed to catch up with friends in Kings Park one afternoon, a spontaneous (and much needed) netball practice session another afternoon, a morning with my sisters and a couple of spontaneous gatherings and these ‘school holidays week one’ have been pretty good. 1507_3It is nice to be reminded of all the blessings. And photos are such a good reminder. Because somehow the photos leave behind the sand drudged through the car, the water spilt over the now destroyed paper city, the plastic beads littering the floor, the tantrums, the tears, the loom bands found in random places, the sand falling out of pockets as I load the washing machine, the peak hour traffic, the toilet training mishaps and the irrational fighting.

We’ve also spent every morning this school holidays talking about the grace of God. And that undeserved grace is what turns that all around. The undeserved grace I am shown as a child of God which I then need to show to my children. Because lets be honest – they are not perfect, they don’t listen, they make a lot of mistakes, they get angry, they talk back, they want to do things their way – all that – it’s like looking in a mirror.

“And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

i. am. spartan.


As a bit of a team building activity last Saturday, a group of crazees from our church took part in the spartan obstacle race. As they scurried around to make it to the start line with only moments to spare a rather flash digital SLR camera was thrust in my direction and, you know, who was I to argue with a spartan.

So as they launched into action …


IMG_0228… and threw themselves in an icy cold lake I took to changing lenses, checking settings and making sure I didn’t loose lens caps. But to my dismay, after they launched into the freezing waters they disappeared over the side of a rather scary looking hillside to carry sandbags, throw javelins and those run of the mill sorts of activities which I could not capture, even with a rather spiffy camera.


IMG_0238So whats a girl to do, I took that camera and my kids and hit the playground with my trusty spectator sidekicks. I’m not very good with *ahem* MY new camera yet and don’t have any good photos to show but we did kick the ball, brave the portaloos and get some sandwiches in.



IMG_0269Finally, after much waiting, eyes searching the sparse countryside and spotting twenty different orange shirts and several bearded blokes (the two key identifiable factors for the group) 0ur weary eyes spotted the crowd of enthusiastic Melvillians coming round through the valley and over towards a spot where my little self thought that I may actually be able to take some photos. So with haste and a few children yelled at and pulled off bouncy castles, shoes were thrown, pram was overloaded and we awkwardly jogged to our most convenient vantage point.

IMG_0270But alas it was only monkey bar and ring action with *ahem* MY trusty zoom lens from afar before they headed off up a hill again and off into the distant horizon.

IMG_0272A bit of a swim came next I think before some lonely travelers dotted the grassy field on their way to the next muddy bath.

IMG_0292A bit of a crawl through a muddy tunnel and finally heading straight towards us.




IMG_0309Up and over the ropes. And thank you to those who were willing to pose for my photos. A willing model is always appreciated. I still had the ultra zoom lens on as they approached within 10m so I had to pace back to be able to take photos at close range with some big zoom lens on. Amateur.













IMG_0354Charlene and I were hurriedly whisking things back onto prams to reposition for the next obstacle but by the time we arrived they had all already climbed the ropes, balanced the beams and disappeared up and over the hill again. So I guess that means a snack break for us.


IMG_0362We spotted them again entering the final obstacle out of, i think, a total of 25. So I’m told.






IMG_0381Those that didn’t make an obstacle had to do 30 burpees. Caleb illustrates this below.



IMG_0390And after about two hours of water, mud and hill climbs they still came in smiling.





spartanI. Am. Spartan!!!

Naturally, I went home exhausted. Had a nap and took some painkillers for my crushing headache. But Jared promised me his camera. So it was all worth it. I must say, I haven’t used a fan dangled camera before but I could very well get used to it.

Great job team!! And to Wade who didn’t make it in time to do it with the team but with sheer determination took the course on by himself in the next wave of participants. Kudos.


We are currently half way through our mid year two week break.

We have been having such a good time together. I had a rather long list of things to do and we are getting through that list bit by very little bit. But as much as we are enjoying our time together I am finding it all rather intense. As soon as I get a moment to stop, instead of being aware of my blessings I’m counting the ways in which I’ve failed and the ways my children are apparently failing me. We are having fun and hanging out but my switch is so easy to flip that come 4pm on any given day you’d think we’d had the worst day anyone could ever possibly have. And come 5pm when my husband walks in the door he thinks I am anything but coping. It’s really odd. One minute they are cute, they laugh, I laugh, we laugh together and the next that laughter is squashed by my ability to over react because someone took their sand filled shoes off in the car (my car is not exactly even close to clean anyhow – so you can’t even see it), or someone broke something or one of them just simply got in the way of the last sequence of events that needed to happen to make sure that the MIT (most important task) (I know, the brackets are supposed to contain the acronym not the description, I’ve chosen to specifically buck the system) of dinner on the table and kids in bed still goes smoothly (but, my sentences still flow even if you take away whats written in the brackets and that’s pretty important right?). The O-man and I have been talking about letting go. Let go and Let God. But letting go of control is harder then it sounds. And all I seem to crave is to be in control. Or at least to feel like I’m in control. Its weird. I never thought I was a control freak but there you have it. Control freak written all over me.

Anyway, back to my main point. We started off these super cool holidays with a two night getaway to the lovely Mandurah. It was super quick but was enough for a recharge. And it got us into beach mode.


I was pretty unprepared for the whole thing. Although I did make sure I continually reassured the O-man that I was totally on top of things. Denial is a wonderful thing. I did manage to pack a change of clothes for us all. You know, wear something down for the Friday night, change of clothes for the Saturday, neat clothes for church on Sunday and all is well. Only we headed straight to the beach on Friday late afternoon. ‘No mum we won’t get wet’ turned into wet clothes. Hang them in front of the heater on Friday night and put the one change of clothes I have on them for our Saturday morning beach walk which turned into a frolic in the waves and suddenly I have two sets of wet sandy clothes and no dry ones. Totally prepared. Lots of fun though. The O-man was totally ok with me not being organised we were totally laughing all the time about the whole thing. Yep.


And I had this brainwave that two nights away means no cooking for mum.  You know, a REAL holiday. Only that doesn’t work. It never works. Only two weeks before I said to my sister in law Janine that it just doesn’t work to take ella out for dinner and I should just accept that and move on. And I asked her to remind me of that if I ever have the bright idea to head out with ella again. Well. I’m just not that bright anymore. I was right back at that same stupid point on Friday night. We ended up at McDonalds because thats where you end up when you try to find food thats ellable. Uggghh. But – kids loved it – they got to fight over happy meal toys and devour occasionally nibble on chips and burgers.

Saturday morning we did some ‘hello morning’ dancing, headed to the beach for a walk and then grabbed some lunch with Uncle Jason and Aunty Hailz who happened to see us in town. Small world. And then after lunch we went for a family bike ride which was a highlight for me, riding along the beach watching the boats and spotting pelicans. Bliss. I also headed to the shops and bought supplies to make dinner. I love cooking. Pity I’m not very good at it. Although I like to pretend I am and I get very competitive if I have to make a meal for someone ‘Yes, I know you received ten pies but mine was one of the betters ones … wasn’t it? Alright, I’ll accept just a vague nod in my direction if it was edible’

mandurah3We played games, read books and enjoyed each others company. At just like that it was time to go and we were out the door by 8.30 on Sunday morning to avoid the powerful storm that hit and made it home mid afternoon on Sunday via my sisters church and a pit stop at her lively place for lunch.

Oh Mandurah it was so lovely to catch up.

quick update


So my brother in law has inspired me to update my blog. Only once I looked at the blog and then looked at my photos I realised its not gonna be an easy task. But if I don’t start somewhere I won’t start at all. And I miss people overseas too much at the moment to let it go.

Here is a very quick update of my three treasures. Passport photo out-takes.


Still a princess. Definitely more outspoken then ever before. Loves piano, clothes, school, friends, shopping and reading the bible. She is in Year Two this year and likes to tell her sisters EXACTLY how everything needs to be done. Because she knows. She loves to organise. Especially her art supplies. And particularly on days when I have just sorted it all. When she is on a high its infectious and she brings the whole family with her.


Such a cheeky little one, she has a gorgeous little giggle. Still shy but definitely warms up quickly. She is halfway through her PrePrimary year and loving it at school. She needs lots of encouragement to learn new things but takes everything in. She loves watching the screen, iPad, iPhone, TV it doesn’t matter. She is not very confident but is starting to hold her ground against her sisters. She loves learning to read. She is the peacemaker and will generally choose peace over possessions. macypport_webOur little baby hasn’t changed. She tells it as it is. She disobeys everything I ask of her. She loves to say no. She gives the best hugs and loves to read. She loves eggs. Which is weird for us as we don’t eat eggs. Knowing Macy I actually think that’s why she likes them. She loves being social which compared to our other two is also a new experience for us. She talks a lot and has an extensive vocabulary, if only we could understand what she is saying. She frequently gets annoyed at me if I have to ask her a few too many times to repeat herself. You can read her like a book, when she’s mad she’s hopping mad and when she’s happy she’s a ray of sunshine. She does not care if I am around or not. She proved this in the shops recently and I am now convinced I need a leash. She dances around the house most days singing at the top of her lungs. She loves netball and sport. If you ask her why she loves netball she’ll do a happy dance and yell ‘peppa pig’. Long story.

We know God is doing a special work in our three treasures and trust He will help us and equip us in our parenting and somehow use our multitudes of imperfections to His honor and glory.

Take care lovely people all round the world. More updates to come.

Sleep Tight.

Much love. Bxx