just the best day

I am having just the best day.

Hailz came and picked up Princess E. One down and the day is looking so much brighter.

Was supposed to visit Bren but I left it too late and the trooper is heading home from hospital already today. I was already in the car ready to head out and my little convo (there it is again) with her brought a tear to my eye (my little emotional self). She is just soooo happy and smiley (I can tell that even though it was only a phone call) and I’m so stoked that everything is going so well with her new little bubs Corey.  Makes me want to go back and do it all again *sniff* or maybe not just yet. And the whole kid thing just amazes me – I love getting to admire God’s handiwork – yet another unique precious child. My chance to learn creativity from the best!

So instead I headed out to Freo with Sami bumpkin (like pumpkin but with a b). I caught up with K and the muppets – a wee bit of marketing, some sushi for lunch, some op shopping, some sunray catching, ate a whole packet of oreos (ooops – they were on special so it was cheaper to eat a whole pack of oreos then to buy a muffin – wouldn’t you?). Picked up some Ellable Mozzarella ‘Cheese’ from the IGA in South Freo (one of the few places that stocks it) – homemade pizzas here we come.

Got home and had a wee little parcel waiting for me from some online shopping – more pics will come.

Chatted to my neighbour for an hour – I don’t normally chinwag but sometimes it’s kinda nice. Tried to catch the other neighbour as she was cleaning her icecream van in the hope she was about to start up the machines, but she disappeared on me.

And now I’m behind my computer (about to start dinner), and I love my family and my gardens (thanks O-man) and my house and everything I have and the lessons God taught me. See I WAS feeling sorry for myself for no good reason, feeling overwhelmed with life but then read Psalm 69, and realised that no good reason is no good reason to be grumpy. “I looked for someone to take pity – but there was none” (vs20) David speaks of sinking in deep mire, and the waters rising up to his neck. My problems are so minuscule in comparison.

“I will praise the name of the Lord with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving” (vs 30)

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