the quilt festival is drawing closer … and i must admit i don’t quilt – I’m going for one reason and one reason only – Ruth

she is my favorite quilter and i love her work … and since meeting her i’ve been drawn to quilts – knowing whats involved and how unique they can be …

i’ve begun falling in love with some of the designs from film in the fridge … and bizarely i love a lot of the backs of these quilts the best – something about the simplicity speaks to me …

but this is my favorite at the moment – i love white space when designing on the computer – in a quilt it looks quite nice too …

One thought on “quilts

  1. Hey Bronya, so i secretly follow your blog, and then tell Tom all about it ha ha which i think he hates because i always get more ideas, so thanks actually youve given me some pretty good inspiration!!! love love love that quilt (the one hanging over the water) looks hard to make, i keep looking at quilting books knowing very well that i will never make one but i love the idea :)

    Hope Houston is treating you all well :)

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